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New Hybrid pump technology offers big savings on time and fuel

March 9, 2012

Jamesway Farm Equipment unveiled the new PUMPELLER Hybrid Lagoon Pump at their Dealer Meeting on February 28 & 29, 2012. The patented turbine design combines the high-volume agitation of a propeller mixer and the high-pressure cannon power of a lagoon pump, with the performance of the resulting Hybrid pump exceeding both.

Custom operators testing the new technology reported that the Hybrid pumps were twice as fast at agitating the most difficult pits compared to conventional lagoon pumps equipped with a gearbox and propeller kit. Not only does this mean that PUMPELLER owners will be able to start spreading sooner, it also translates to big savings in fuel. Allen and Scott Forbes of Lancaster, NH, tested a 1,000 rpm trailer model PUMPELLER in their heifer pit: “We put the lagoon pump and a prop agitator onto our pit for eight hours each year to get it mixed. This time, the PUMPELLER did the job alone in less than five hours. We saved one tractor, a lot of time and a lot of fuel,” says Allen.

Dealers at the PUMPELLER unveiling were also able to watch the new system in action, and they were quick to note that the flow pattern within the manure storage is completely different to anything seen before. The long reach of the high-pressure cannon jet breaks up heavy crust and stirs up bottom sediments, while the turbine core pulls huge volumes of manure through the integral cutter knives. The combined flow demand of the impeller and the propeller creates an extreme suction around the intake of the PUMPELLER turbine. Solids are pulled from a great distance and instantly homogenized at 50 cuts-per-second as they enter the turbine core. 

This method of operation is unlike traditional lagoon pumps where the cannon is used as the primary means of cutting difficult solids, and the gearbox-driven propeller is used to promote flow. Instead, the PUMPELLER turbine combines the propeller and the impeller into a single unit, allowing the propeller core to super-charge manure flow into the impeller paddles. This results in tremendous pressure and flow, even in thicker manures. The cannon is used solely to break up thick crust or lift bottom sediments. Chopping and homogenizing of solids happens automatically in the turbine, so the operator doesn’t waste time using the cannon to break down solids.

Dominic Manseau, Jamesway’s Product Engineer on the PUMPELLER project, explains: “Previous generations of manure pumps are essentially modified water pumps that are unable to ingest difficult solids. To prevent blocking, the solids need to be reduced to small pieces using the cannon and the external propeller before they can safely enter the impeller. Additionally, tightening tolerances to improve pumping efficiency renders traditional pumps less able to accept foreign materials such as bedding. The PUMPELLER design throws out the rulebook by producing 44% more flow on 17% less horsepower than the equivalent gearbox/propeller model. And the PUMPELLER is able to ingest the worst solids, including hay, straw, twine, bunker plastic and masses of solidified dairy crust with incredible speed and without plugging”.

PUMPELLER shipments to Jamesway Dealers began on March 1. Custom haulers and heavy-duty pump users should contact Jamesway Farm Equipment or their local Jamesway dealer to arrange a demonstration of this game-changing technology.



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