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Animal comfort begins with ventilation part 2

October 6, 2011

Designing new dairy buildings
When it comes to natural ventilation for planning a barn, the importance should be placed on the size of the lateral opening. The main rule should be a ratio of 1: 10. For a building that is 10m wide, there should be a 1m opening. For a building that is 100 feet, the opening should be 10 feet wide. No rules are applied for buildings that are over 120 'wide. Hence, the importance of extra ventilation for the summer.

Another element to consider in your choice of structure is the dimension of the cornice and the design of your ceiling. A ledge with a minimum width of 30 inches (76cm) is required for any kind of natural ventilation. Remember that wider ledges will protect you from the elements when the wall will be opened for ventilation. The ledge will also provide you with shade more quickly when the sun rises and you will protect your animals from the sun by keeping them close to the opening. The design of the ceiling, especially its angle of inclination, will be the key to the effectiveness of the system. In tunnel ventilation the ceiling should preferably be flat or slightly inclined (0.5/12) for large building. Natural ventilation in temperate / northern winter a semi-cathedral ceiling will decrease the volume of air in the building thereby providing an ambient air that is drier and of better quality. The chimneys, if they are abundant and well placed, will remove stale air and moisture in a remarkable way. For a temperate / warm climate, a cathedral ceiling, again with fireplaces, works perfectly.

Thus, several aspects require an analysis when it comes to choosing a type of ventilation. Take the time to properly inform yourself before investing in anything. Do not hesitate to consult our experts to help you better focus your thoughts.

Written by: Stéphane Cloutieur, major account sales, Secco Ventilation

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