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And the winner is: Jamesway receives prestigious award

October 16, 2012

Jamesway Farm Equipment’s radical new lagoon pump has received widespread recognition and its first major award.

The innovative Pumpeller has been rated as one of the most innovative products of the year by Dairy Herd Management’s independent panel of judges at this year’s World Dairy Expo.

The Pumpeller’s patented hybrid turbine saves time and money by effortlessly chopping up solids in even the toughest lagoons. The Pumpeller marks the introduction of totally new and game-changing technology in the highly competitive lagoon pump market:

More than three years of intensive design and development has resulted in a hybrid turbine that can achieve 50 cuts per second without the need for a gearbox. The internal mounting of the propeller creates a powerful suction at the inlet of the turbine, resulting in a remarkable change in performance: solids are actively pulled into the cutters at the inlet instead of being repulsed by the external propeller flow. As a result, the amount of time and fuel spent to homogenize a crusted lagoon is drastically reduced.

Jamesway Farm Equipment is a leading Internationally renowned manufacturer of farm equipment. Jamesway is at the leading edge of technology, and the company is committed to advancing the standards and quality of agricultural machinery.

For more information about the ground breaking Pumpeller or any other of Jamesway’s products, contact the company today.




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