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Manure Injection Systems

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NUTRI-JECTOR High Speed Manure Injection System

NUTRI-JECTOR High Speed Manure Injection System

Injection protects valuable Nitrogen from burning off and places it right where your crop needs it…in the root zone. You deliver more nutrients while making less odor and the new Jamesway NUTRI-JECTOR™ lets you do this at higher speed and lower horsepower than ever.

The adjustable coulter opener in front of the injector shank cuts surface trash and opens the way for the injector knife. The unique injector knife creates a subsurface mixing action that locks manure in place, even on sloped ground. The double closer discs following the knife may be adjusted to produce a flat surface ready for your no-till planter, or to produce a “hilled” cover for maximum protection from rain leaching in wet conditions.

Manure is distributed to the injectors through the manifold mounted at the rear of the toolbar. The low mounting position and the drop-out bottom on the manifold makes cleanout fast and easy. When working with bedded manure, the manifold may be equipped with the optional power chopper. Manure flow may be controlled by a hydraulic gate linked to the GPS / flowmeter system, or by using the manual adjustment control gate.

The triple-deck toolbar holds the opener coulters on the front deck and the injection knife / closer units in a staggered pattern on the second and third decks. While single deck systems are prone to trash plugging, this arrangement allows trash to flow freely through the Nutri-Jector. The triple-deck design also acts as a truss, resulting in an incredibly strong toolbar.

Jamesway’s new Level-Lift™ mounting system completely eliminates the troublesome “attack” angle adjustments that are so critical to other systems. Most toolbars do not remain parallel to the ground as they raise or lower. This means the injector shank angle changes at different operating depths, making it necessary to reset the pitch adjusters to maintain proper performance. The Level-Lift system maintains the proper angle at any height so you can simply set the depth you want and go. The Level-Lift system makes it easy for new operators to consistently produce the same results as the experienced pros.

The operating depth is set by means of depth gauge wheels. In most cases, the Nutri-Jector will penetrate the ground with the lift system simply left in the “float” position but should the need arise, the Level-Lift system includes a downdraft control as standard equipment.

The optional spreading kit allows you to switch from injection to surface spreading without removing the injector system. Should you wish to remove the NutriJector, the quick-attach mounts on the toolbar allow you to easily remove or attach the entire assembly to the Level-Lift arms. With the distributor manifold mounted on the toolbar, there is only one hose to handle.

Fast application, proper manure placement, low horsepower and easy to operate…the Jamesway Nutri-Jector™ is truly the next generation in injection systems.

Double-Disc Manure Applicator

Double-Disc Manure Applicator

The Double-Disc Applicator is your best choice when working in stony ground or in very difficult trash where manure injection may not be possible. Manure is banded on the surface and then covered with soil carried up by the discs to prevent “burn off” of volatile nutrients. The Applicator leaves the manure bands high & dry on ridges instead of in trenches and so also provides superior protection against leaching or manure runoff caused by rain. Each ridge tends to shed rain into the shallow “ditches” left by the discs and so allows water to run off without carrying away the manure.

The new Jamesway COMMERCIAL SERIES Double-Disc Applicator is built for the heavy demands of custom haulers and large farms. It may be necessary to apply down-pressure when working in heavy trash, so the 22” diameter discs run on oversize bearings in the 5,000 lb hub & axle kits. You can dial up the downdraft you need and the heavy duty leaf springs assure constant pressure through a wide range of movement.

The Double-Disc Applicator is Quick-Attach mounted to the new Jamesway LEVEL-LIFT system. This mounting kit provides excellent ground clearance for road travel and includes a downdraft pressure control. The distributor is mounted on the toolbar for easy access and the optional spreading kit allows you to easily switch to spreading without removing the Applicator.

Multi-Jet Application System

Multi-Jet Application System

Obtain an optimal spread surface with Jamesway Multi-Jet Application System. A larger broadcast covers more surface in less time.

Your neighbours will appreciate how much odor is reduced when manure is applied with the Jamesway MULTI-JET™. Broadcast spreading sprays manure into the air, creating fine droplets that promote odor and are prone to wind drift, while the MULTI-JET™ operates at low pressure, dropping manure by gravity from less than 40 inches above ground.



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